NN 0.10.1 – Nimble Nimbus Update Notes – [Jan 26th, 2019]

Full Update Notes

0.10.1 – Game Updates [1/26/19]

Wind Changes:
-Velocity impact lowered from 30 to 15
-Wind sprites are made more visible

Lowered touch sensitivity
Resized Robo-Trooper from 160 scale to 90 scale

Changes to Jet Fighter:
-HP increased from 15 to 28
-Weapon color from Green to Purple
-Weapon fire speed increased from 200 to 300
-Weapon now fires in 2 shot bursts

Moved GUI elements for Special Weapons

Ad Settings changed:
-Skip time from 5s to 1s
-Removed Playable Ads
-Muted Audio Ads

Increased length of each time of day from 1000f to 2000f

Steam Laser fire duration increased from .8s to .95s
Scatter Storm particle speed slowed from 200 to 190

Mini Boss Space Fighter:
Bomb drop is now destroy-able with player weapons
Spawn point distance from Player increased
Wing tip shots added
Spread shot color change

Miscellaneous glitches eradicated


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