NN 0.10.3 – Nimble Nimbus Update Notes – [Feb 9th, 2019]

Full Patch Notes:
0.10.3 – Game Updates

Comet Enemy:
-Increased velocity from 130 to 220
-Increased damage from 6 to 8

Menu Changes:
-Added Credits cloud for James
-Fixed visual flicker glitch with Meteors and Credits
-Updated News Button graphic to a cloud
-Create a scrolling Update Feed to show news
-Changed High Score Text to white font instead of black.

Gameplay Changes:
-Reduced Speed Power Up from +250 to +100
-Removed visual HP bars on enemies for enhanced graphic appearance
-Added a “Wind Power” slider. The higher the power of the wind, the more points enemies are worth.

Miscellaneous glitches eradicated


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