Digimon TCG Update – v1.12.31.3 -[January 1st, 2021]

Update Notes:


-Added Set BT-03 “Union Impact” to the catalog

-Condensed Promo Cards to a single “Promo Set” to remove clutter

-Added the official card back to exist as the “default” card image

-Card image calls now point to my website instead of 3rd party API

-Player can add or remove cards in multiple quantities instead of 1 action at a time when deckbuilding.

-Added English and Alt card images. When a card is loaded, it will search first for the English card. If it does not exist, it will default to the Japanese card.

***Bug Fixes***

-Player Memory Gauge would start at 3 or -3 instead of 0

-Set player memory cap at 10

-Fixed bug where card wouldn’t load at all if image link was wrong

-Pushing the Undo button to reset to game start would start the player with 3 memory instead of 0.

-Digimon who are Colorless/White were not showing up as such.

-Fixed minor visual glitches


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