NN 0.12.0 – Nimble Nimbus Update Notes – [May 20th, 2019]

Full Patch Notes:
[Android] – 0.12.0 – Game Updates [Version Code 47]
[iPhone] – 1.7

Player Changes:

-Two new Auras and 1 new Skin

Mechanics Changes:
-Added a Tutorial on the Main Screen. It’s 26 slides, helping the player identify the goal of the game, various drops, and how to play.

Database Changes:

-Added Framework for World Boss’ data to be driven from the Database

Bug Fixes:
-The “Rain Aura” was set to “Local Scale” instead of “Heirarchy Scale”, making it too small to see during gameplay.
-Fixed Zepplin Boss being un-immune to certain status effects.
-Fixed glitch where sometimes the Delay Beam’s effects would not go away,
-Fixed Glitch where Healing Ring would sometimes get stuck without a target, and stay on the screen forever.
-Absorption Fighter’s HP bar would be on top of the Pause Screen Player Stats HUD.



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