Digimon TCG Update – v1.21.1.7 -[January 7th, 2021

Update Notes:


-Added Set BT-04 and Starter Decks 4, 5 and 6 to the Catalog.

-Set the card database as a remote asset so database changes can be deployed to users without requiring an app update.

-Added the following Player Settings:
▪︎Whether to show the ‘Turn Change’ confirmation on the Memory Tracker
▪︎Whether to do the pre-game coin flip in the app
▪︎Added Card Sorting Parameters. Cards can be sorted by Card Number, Stage, Rarity, Cost, DP and more.

-Added additional Card Filters. Can filter cards based on Greater Than/Less Than numeric values(such as Green Color Digimon cards with more than 4000 DP)
▪︎Added additional text filters. Users can use the text box to type in parameters to filter by. Parameters include:
▪︎Card Color
▪︎Card Effects (such as Recovery, When Digivolving, On Play, etc)

– Changed card image retrieval source to a Cloudfront host so images should load quicker

*Bug Fixes*

-Fixrd Bug where, when inputting a text search, cycling through cards would always cycle through the entirety of the card list instead of the filtered cards.


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