Digimon TCG Update – v1.21.1.9 -[January 9th, 2021

Update Notes:

-Local card caching. On your first open of the app after you update, it’ll download all of the available card images to your phone. Then, on every following open of the app, it’ll spend about 20 seconds checking that you have all of the cards, but the card becomes available to be seen after it gets checked, which happens quite quickly. Previously, your app retrieved card images from an internet host when you could select one, but now you only need the internet once. Theres a quick video below of it in action

-UI upgrade. The card catalog screen is now updated! The Effects text colors now change to match the card itself, as well as other visual upgrades such as: If a card has an alternate art, tapping the card image will swap between alt forms

*Bug Fixes*

Download for Android:

Download for iOs:


-Fixed Card Sorting bug, where it some just hust doesn’t sort the cards, but it would display their sorted value

-Restarting a game would not clear the Action Log within the game


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