Digimon TCG Update – v -[January 22nd, 2021

Update Notes:
***Added Features***

-In App News Banners. The app now has a section to accept and display messages about the app, without requiring an app update. These Banners are not shown by default, and will only be displayed if the user pushes the Exclamation Point Button on app’s Main Menu.

-Card Collection. The initial framework for allowing users to keep track of their Collection has been integrated. Users can push the “In Collection” Toggle on to add or remove a card from the player’s Collection. The Catalog indicates if a card is in the player’s Collection with a light blue dot. In addition, users can filter the cards based on those in their Collection or not. This feature will be expanded upon more in future updates.

-Mobile Scaling. The user settings now contains a setting for customizing the screen scale.

-Android Phone Back Button. The Android phone’s native Back Button now functions with the app. iOs native button functions are planned for future updates.

**App Changes**

-Graphics updates. The graphics across the app have been updated to be more uniform, but the Catalog and Deck-Builder were given additional upgrades. Top photo is the previous version of the app, while the bottom photo is the new version.

-Added Evolution Color/Cost to the Database to allow for different costs and colors per Digimon.

**Bug Fixes**

-Confirmed bug fix for Deck Builder duplicating cards in deck

-The “Initializing Card Images” pop-up would block screen touches.

Download for Android:
Click here to Download for Android

Download for iOs:
Click here to Download for iOs


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