Digimon TCG Update – v -[February 3rd, 2021

Update Notes:
***Added Features***

Portrait Mode – In the Catalog or Deckbuilder, the app now supports Portrait Mode! You can rotate your phone between orientations to get a slightly different layout. In addition, you can swipe up/down or left/right on the large image of the card to cycle through. Swipe direction depends on screen orientation!

Card Pricing – The app now supports card pricing and card buying! If the card has a current TCGPlayer.com price, it will appear on the bottom right of the screen when viewing a card. From there, you can click the Shopping Cart button to open a browser link where you can purchase the card!

Deck Sharing – You can now upload your deck to our server, search other decks on the server, or directly import a deck via a server code. Uploading a deck requires watching an ad(to help pay for server costs, I am only one developer!). Saving a deck adds another deck slot to your app, so the more decks you save, the more decks you can make and upload!

Deckbuilding QoL Changes – The DeckBuilder has additional features. Now when editing a deck in the Catalog, you can short tap the card to quickly change the quantity, or long tap to bring up the Card Information. In the Deck Builder itself, you can hold and drag cards in to the Red X to remove 1 copy of that card from the deck.

Catalog QoL Changes – Previously, all of the cards would be initialized upon loading of the app, but this was causing crashes for some users. Now, the app loads the cards when they are set to be loaded, so initial load times maybe be slightly longer on the first open of the app, but overall performance and app health will greatly increase.

*Bug Fixes*

-Digitama cards were only counting for 1 Digitama in the deck, regardless of quantity. Also, Digitama cards were being used when considering a deck’s 50 card limit.


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