Digimon TCG Update – v -[February 16th, 2021

Update Notes:
***Added Features***

Card Pricing History – All cards that are on TCGPlayer with a valid listing number will have an available Card Price History[in Landscape Mode only currently]. Clicking on the ellipses button near the Card Price will open up an interactive graph that shows the Price History of each card.

Portal Additions – The Portal has been updated to include additional search parameters as well as additional deck information. Decks now can be searched using 4 different parameters: Newest, Oldest, Most Viewed and Most Downloaded. Decks can also be searched for within certain time frames, ranging from all time to 1 day, with any amounts in between. Decks also display their amount of Views and Downloads. Also, the Portal allows for users to input a username which will be used in future updates for more Portal features. Usernames can be changed once every 7 days, and do not need to be unique due to the player IDs behind the username being unique.


-The Server used for the Portal features has been changed to a new server, which allows for more enhanced database searches and additional saved information.

Card Loading after Download – In previous app versions, cards were checked at runtime, and then additional cards were downloaded on load. Now, the same is true, but cards are not initialized on load all at once, but broken up to reduce stress on mobile device. This was done in an effort to reduce the amount of app crashes that have been reported.

***Bug Fixes***

-Fixed bug where filtering cards by Collection Status would not work when in Portrait Mode.

-Additional smaller bugs


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