NN 0.11.0 – Nimble Nimbus Update Notes – [March 9th, 2019]

Full Patch Notes:
0.11.0 – Game Updates

Player Changes:

-Changed Special Weapons to an “Ammo” system. Also changed activation of special weapons to “Swipe Up once loaded to expend one ammo” as opposed to ‘Holding to Charge’.
-Lowered user Sensitivity to give player less sporadic control of character; from 5f to 15f delay.
-Added “High Score” as a Database item now, to prepare for Global Leaderboard.
-Changed special weapons to “Special Weapons now have ammo. Swipe up to expend 1 ammo from weapon”. No more Timer for “Hold to Charge”.
-Changed the Character Page to reflect user’s EXP, and set up for equipment interface.
-Added “Player Defeats” for each enemy to the “Enemy” Pages
-Added a new ‘Fire’ Weapon!

Other Changes:
-Background scrolling formula changed from “height of Background Image * modifier” to:
“height of Canvas on device * the local scaling value + position of background image”.
-Error messages are now generated from the Database itself for better error accuracy.
-Added a “Version code check”, so players will be unable to play old versions of the app.
-Added a total players value to the Database.
-Changed “Wind” to whole numbers between 0 and 4, as opposed to intervals of .2.
-Removed Sandbox Mode Button as well a the Mode Itself.
-Removed High Score Button.
-Gives the player more starting HP based on their wind strength. HP = 100 + (windStrength *4)
-Added Player Level and EXP stats.
-Added the enemies & Weapons to the database, and their values are retrieved from the database.
-Updated the Play Store graphics
-Moved the ‘ad’ to before the Character Page
-Added counts for each weapon’s individual kills.




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