NN 0.11.1 – Nimble Nimbus Update Notes – [March 16th, 2019]

Full Patch Notes:
0.11.1 – Game Updates

Player Changes:

-Added a “PlayerOverview” control, so everything a player does can be tracked and stored in one place, for easier data
retrieval and set.
-Added Auras to a player’s Inventory. Can select a different Aura in their Character Equipment.
-Removed Speed Item. It will eventually return, once the GUI looks better.
-Changed Rain Weapon from 8 Delay to 9 Delay, and increased damage from 2 to 3.
-Changed Fire Weapon from 13 Delay to 15 Delay.
-Added a Level EXP bar to the main screen. It sits on the inside of the HP bar.

Other Changes:
-Added in game currency, Crystals, which right now can be gotten as drops from enemies.
-Added a Shop using that very same In Game currency! First iteration of the shop is for testing, so the first 4 items in the Shop are auras!
-Added Leaderboards to showcase the Top 5 players in terms of Score and Total Exp. Future versions will show the player’s Wind Speed along with their score.
-Added a visual indicator for where a player touches their finger on the screen. This only is active in NON GAME screens.

-Miscellaneous glitches eradicated.



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