NN 0.11.2 – Nimble Nimbus Update Notes – [March 23rd, 2019]

Full Patch Notes:
0.11.2 – Game Updates [Version Code 30]

Player Changes:
-Added an Ice Weapon and Ice Special Weapon as the 4th weapon in the game. Ice Weapon’s base stats: 160 damage with a 4 delay.
-Added a Sound Effect when a player gets a health packet.
-Added a Temporary Attack Boosting item drop that drops randomly from enemies.
-Added visual indicators for how much damage you heal or take.


Mechanics Changes:
-Increased all Enemy HP and Player Weapon Damage values by 100x, so there can be incremental boosts by percentage.
-Added different Crystal drops to correspond with different amounts, as well as altered drop physics for aesthetics.
-When a Mini Boss and Boss are defeated, health items and crystals rain from the skies. More items drop for Boss than Mini Boss.
– Decreased Fire Weapon delay from 15 to 13.
-Auras now give the player a bonus! Each aura does something a little different when equipped!


Database Changes:
-Changed how user Enemy defeats are stored. They have been added to their own sub-path, as opposed to existing just as children of your userID. As a result, there will be a day or so of incorrect User Defeat calculations, but it will be caught up with.
-Set Weapon stats and Player Level calculation back to local as opposed to Database side. This is to reduce data transfer, as well
as eliminate potential lag created during game.
-Added a “Version Code Validation”, so players will not be able to play if they do not have the most recent version of the app installed.


Bug Fixes:
-Mini Boss bomb now destroyed when hit by a special weapon.
-Fixed glitch where player’s Aura inventory slot would delete itself, leaving the game unplayable.
-Fixed a bug where the enemy damage would sometimes equal the value of the most previous enemy, as opposed to it’s own.


Other Changes:
-Added Headers to both Item Shop and LeaderBoards, along with boxes for the name of the items in the shop.
-Added indicator to “Swipe left/right to access other LeaderBoard
-Added the Absorption Fighter enemy to rotating spawns at a 10% spawn rate.
-On the item shop, can Hold on an Aura to see what boosts it gives. A quick tap allows you to purchase the Aura[if you don’t have it already!].


Absorption Fighter Breakdown:
-If hit in the center, it’s HP is healed by 400 per weapon absorbed. It also gains +10 damage to its next volley of shots for each weapon absorbed. Damage boost goes away as soon as it fires; making it un-stackale, but capping at +100. Its base damage is 10 damage per shot.
-Has 6600 HP, and gives 11 EXP per defeat.



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