NN 0.11.3 – Nimble Nimbus Update Notes – [April 7th, 2019]

Full Patch Notes:
0.11.3 – Game Updates [Version Code 35]

Player Changes:
-Removed the Left and Right Handed Buttons as their functionality is no longer required.
-Added 4 more Auras to the shop, one to correspond to each weapon.
-Added a Skill Tree for each weapon. Each Tree has 2 possible branches, and you use tokens earned from Weapon Level Ups to unlock skills!

Mechanics Changes:
-Changed the Absorption Fighter and Jet Gatekeeper’s speed from 180 to 130, and increased their range of identifying the next waypoint. This is to allow the enemies to run
-Added a Critical Hit stat! As its base, a Critical Hit deals 1.5x the damage of a regular shot, and it has a 3% chance of activation per shot.

Database Changes:
-A lot of issues as far as how Global and User kills were calculated.
-User and Global Kills were sometimes resetting to 0 for an unknown reason, so they have been removed pending further testing.
-Enemies now derive their data from the database, but not on spawn. On game load, the game takes a snapshot of each enemy’s stats on the database, and attributes those stats
to the corresponding enemy. If a database value changes for an Enemy, the user must reload the app to get the changes.

Bug Fixes:
-Fixed Absorption Fighter’s Damage Boost. Was stuck maxing at 10 instead of 100.
-Fixed glitch where the weapon modifier item only dropped once.
-User HP bar in Pause Menu HUD was not working correctly to reflect the user’s HP.
-Restart Button started with the game still paused.
-Fixed User EXP error where it would sometimes not calculate, resulting in the player’s EXP dropping to 0.
-Fixed glitch where weapon modify item would sometimes trigger twice, resulting in a potential infinite damage per shot glitch.
-Fixed glitch where, sometimes on the first activation, the Weapon Damage Modifier would only be active for 1 second.

Other Changes:
-Changed the In-Game Volume menu to be more aesthetically pleasing.
-Added the “Planeguin” enemy! This enemy only attacks while it is strafing in front of you, and spends its other time getting back in to position for another strafing run.


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