We Have our First Patron! – [Apr 17th, 2019 Blog]

We have our first Patron on our Patreon, and it is Joey Pokeaim! Joey is a well known Youtuber in the Pokemon Community, and honestly I’m thrilled as hell that he’s decided to back us. It really makes me feel good about what I’m doing when people of his level of popularity both notice and appreciate my efforts.

Along those lines, can we get an immortalized shoutout to ShadyPenguinn, another Pokemon Youtuber/Streamer? I was complaining about Apple’s horrible method to getting an app on their App Store, and this man decided, by his own free will, to BUY ME a Mini Mac so I can compile and upload to the Apple Store.

When people believe in what you do, it really makes you feel better about what you’re doing. And honestly, I can’t even begin to say thank you enough to ShadyPenguinn, so I just hope that I can make him proud with the products I can produce.

A 2nd Patreon Tier has been added as well, and it’s a $10 Tier! It was added about 12 minutes after Joey became a Patron, and I didn’t even realize I had a Patron until about an hour after he became one. But that 2nd Tier offers exclusive in game items! None of the exclusive items will affect performance in the game, as I’m very anti Pay-To-Win, but they will be sweet cosmetics, and that will span across ALL games from M4G-Studios!

Click here to check out the Patreon!


Thanks for reading, see you guys again soon!

-Steve AKA M4G


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