NN 0.11.4 – Nimble Nimbus Update Notes – [April 29th, 2019]

Full Patch Notes:
0.11.4 – Game Updates [Version Code 43]

Player Changes:

-Player HUD now displays the class of the player/weapon combo, as well as changes color to reflect weapon being used.
-Graphic updates to each of the basic weapons. Now, when a weapon hits something, it displays a short and small animation to indicate a hit and to indicate the weapon was destroyed.
-All enemies now have different sprites if they are frozen or burned.
-Dimensional Fighter Sprite updated to look, frankly, just way way better.

Mechanics Changes:

-Play button is not available to be pressed until game data is loaded from the database.
-Turned down Special Weapon activation sensitivity, so now it requires a more defined “swipe up” to activate a special weapon.
-The “Battery” Class Skills now have a chance to inflict Paralysis on an enemy.
-The “Reservoir” Class Skill Tree now gives a chance to inflict Hypothermia.
-The “Fermafrost” Class Skill Tree has a chance to summon an ice wall that can stop enemy blasts, or deal damage to enemies.
-The “Solaris” Class Skill Tree gives a chance to deal extra explosion damage to enemies on contact.
-Added a new method of null protection with player’s weapons not loading their Skill Tree correctly. Coroutines, baby!

Database Changes:

-Enemy data is now all local, as opposed to grabbing it from the Database. This is to cut down on loading times and data transfer.
-Database can now record who is online, as well as keeps a list of online users. Updates every 10 minutes in game and displays number on Main Menu.

Bug Fixes:

-Some enemies would randomly not be affected by any weapons due to collider issues, so their colliders were seperated to help the game recognize differences in weapon hits more easily.
-The weapons wouldn’t load from the database in time, so script execution time was rearranged to allow for weapons to load before their skill trees.
-The Mini Boss would sometimes go invisible when hit by a weapon. This was due to it’s lack of immunity from being statuses, and trying to change it’s sprite to a status’d sprite that didn’t exist.


Other Changes/Additions:

-Added the Planeguin enemy to the EnemyDex

-Added the “Disruptor” and “Vortex Wing” enemies!

-Added 2 new Auras for purchase in the Shop: Cyber and Tornado Aura

-Added an “Online Users” counter! It updates every 10 minutes on the Main Screen!


Addition Details:

-The Disruptor cannot damage the player, but he can aid the enemies. He shoots a beam that forms a wall to stop player shots; shoots a blast that drastically lowers the player fire rate, and can heal enemies with a Healing Ring!

-The Vortex Wing is a 2nd mini-boss! The player can only damage him by hitting his core, but once he starts spinning, he will deflect all shots!

-The Cyber Aura increases Critical Hit Rate and Damage!

-The Tornado Aura has a percent change to ensnare enemy projectiles and render them useless!


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